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When you have

a business event to plan,whether it’s a gala,holiday party, seminar or B-B-Q, Laganini Beach Club is the perfect Beach front venue.We understand that your time is valuable, and we work closely with you to insure your event fits your corporate image and enhances your company’s


Let Laganini

energize your next

social gathering.Whether you're hosting a dinner party for your fathers 70th birthday or celebrating an anniversary with loved ones, Laganini has got you covered. A trendy boutique ambiance with a personal touch and extraordinary service are our way of expressing that only

the very best is good

enough for

our guests. 

At The

Laganini Beach Club

your Wedding is our only event, where the Bride and Groom are treated like Royalty, and their guests like family.

We know you want

an experience that is

stress-free and filled with personalized details that reflect your style. 

And Whatever your

style is - vintage glam,

classic black tie,

modern art deco

- we’ll help bring it

to life.

We want you

to be able

to sit back and enjoy your 

event as

much as

your guests!




For more


please contact 


or email 

us below

Plan an event at

our Restaurant for

a truly incomparable dining experience in

a chilled out,

chic and relaxing Mediterranean -style atmosphere.

Let us assist you in arranging your next special event at Laganini.It will be our pleasure to help you coordinate all of the essential elements for your event in order to ensure an unforgettable time.

With an area of over

1000 m2, Laganini

Beach Club is

a unique destination

which provides the ideal venue for all types of events; from birthday parties to corporate events and weddings.

The chic ambience, striking views,intimate spaces and setting can

be styled to reflect

your choice of theme or brand making it a

natural choice for

your next event.

We want you

to be able

to sit back and enjoy your 

event as

much as

your guests!



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